Help Your Feline Friend Drink Properly from a Bowl at Park Plaza

cat drinking water

Having a cat around the house can brighten up your home. Our Miami Gardens apartments are the perfect spot to raise a young kitten. For new pet owners, there are lots of questions that come up about how to raise a cat. Here are a few tips on how to help your feline friend drink properly from a bowl. … [Read more...]

Get Your Fill of Mangos at the 23rd Annual International Mango Festival

mango festival

Spend a weekend learning about health and nutrition at one of the top festivals in Miami. The 23rd Annual International Mango Festival will be a weekend jam-packed with cooking demonstrations, fruit market, lectures, fun activities, and of course, mangoes. … [Read more...]

Dine-In or Take-Out at Tropical Catering and Cafe in Miami Gardens

tropical catering

Would you love to go out and indulge in a wide variety of Caribbean and international foods? You can do just that by taking a quick drive over to Tropical Catering and Café, for delicious dine-in and take-out options. … [Read more...]

3 Fun Ways to Use Your Walk-In Closet Other Than For Clothes

walk in closet ideas

Walk-in closets don’t always have to be used for tucking away your clothes, shoes and accessories. Take advantage of the closet space and try one of the following creative uses for your closet. … [Read more...]

Help Your Newly Adopted Pet Ease into Its New Home at Park Plaza

Settling Pets

Like humans, pets need time and help adjusting to a new transition in life. Help to ease the stress of change for your new pet with these tips for settling pets into a new home. … [Read more...]